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The plantations were the primary areas of business that brought Browns Capital PLC into the limelight in the very early years of establishment. The two plantation companies namely , Pussellawa Plantations Ltd. and Maturata Plantations Ltd., are two of the largest tea producing companies in Sri Lanka and are world renowned for the superior quality tea and rubber that is being produced at these factories.

Pussellawa Plantations Ltd comprises of 11 Tea Estates that include Two Green Tea Factories,9 Rubber Estates and 4 Tea cum Rubber Estates while Maturata Plantations Ltd has 19 Tea Estates, of which a significant acreage also accommodate the cultivation of Rubber, Coconut and Spices.

The history of Pussellawa and Maturata Plantations date back to the 1840’s and was established by the Worms brothers, who arrived in Ceylon even before the supposed Godfather of Tea, James Taylor. The estates have been commercially growing, processing and packaging tea since 1870 and are acknowledged as producers of superior quality ‘Ceylon Tea’.

These estates are located in Pussellawa,Udupussellawa NuwaraEliya, Kandy, Ruhuna and Sabaragamuwa tea growing areas covering finest tea growing regions of the country and popularly referred to as the ‘premium valley of Ceylon Tea’ and the ‘heartland of Ceylon Tea’. These valleys symbolize the passion and commitment of its founders, whose persistence paved the way for Sri Lanka and the iconic tea plant to make their mark on the world.

Pussellawa and Maturata Plantations consist of 43 individual estates that stretch across an area of over 23,000 hectares. These estates produce well over 12.5 million kilos of tea and employ a workforce of over 21,000 individuals that include executives, staff and workers.Tea estates in this valley include Delta, Melfort, Hellbodda, Sogama, Beaumont, Stllenberg and Sanquhar. This once inaccessible terrain gradually became renowned globally as the best plantations which produce Origin Tea.

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