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Taking care of the environment is not merely our CSR but “the” foundation on which Browns Capital PLC is built on. Welcome! To Browns Capital PLC – One of Sri Lanka’s finest emerging conglomerates where we create promising opportunities to invest in Sri Lanka.

Established in 1992, we have won the reputation as one of the most trusted and favoured plantations producing Sri Lanka’s finest tea, tantalizing the taste buds of tea lovers all over the world. Today the pages of our history record us as one of the most stable establishments with unshakeable financial success diversifying into many other areas of business including Plantation, Hydropower, Leisure and Property Management.Geared by a strong leadership and a sound management structure, the organization is led to reflect our core values at every area of work. The key ingredients that form our success story are: the pulse towards the wellbeing of Mother Nature, the passion for growth, our drive towards sustainability and our dedication to generate surpassing shareholder value at all times.

Our Success

The success of Browns Capital PLC relies firmly on our effort in accumulating and utilizing our resources in a futuristic manner. Over the years we have spelled out some of the most amazing success stories in the island giving ourselves an undisputed mark in the local business world. Given below are few of our milestones that depict ourselves as one of the most credible and reliable entity to invest in Sri Lanka.

In a Nutshell

57,000 Acres of land across the country
9,200 Acres of land in the district of Colombo
19,000 Acres of tea
13,000 Acres of rubber
3,500 Acres of commercial timber
12.5 million kg of made tea per annum
4.0 million kg of rubber per annum
3.2 Megawatt hydro power generated presently
15 Megawatt hydro power in the pipe line
2 three star 100 roomed hotel projects to
commence soon
80,000 Sq. ft office space in Colombo to be built
6 billion group annual turnover
Rs. 12.5 Billion Group Net Asset Value
Rs. 312 Million Group Net Profit for the 9 months ended 31st December 2012

Our Passion for green!

“No one can talk of green like we do”

With 1.4 Million trees planted in the island, we are proud to say that our establishment is by far one of the most eco-friendly companies in the island. We don’t just talk green, rather we act green. Not only in the plantation sector but we consider the environment as one of the key and important Stakeholders and therefore make deliberate efforts to take care of it in the best possible manner.

All our business units including the plantations, tea and rubber manufacturing, boutique hotels, commercial buildings constructions and hydro power generation adhere to stringent eco-friendly practises that ensure outputs that contribute towards a sustainable environment. Many partner with us and show great anticipation in investing with us purely because of this green blood that runs in the veins of all members of our organization.

Investing in Sri Lanka with Browns Capital PLC

We have set foot in firm ground; fertilized by remarkable success stories, consistent financial growth and our promising potential. A future with us is undoubtedly a wise venture where we guarantee results that surpass your aspirations.

Our primary focus is on creating utmost shareholder value and with our plantations performing extraordinary well, indicating clear profits – we are affirmed of continuous success having unlimited freedom to distribute the success generated through our tea and rubber manufacturing to our other business units.

Major Shareholders

Browns Investments is a member of the Browns Group of Companies with Interests in Plantations, Leisure, Property Development and Manufacturing Industries. The Company also manages a Portfolio of Short term and Long Term Investments.
Perpetual is the ultimate holding company for the Browns Group and is an equal partner with Browns Investments in FLCH.
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