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Sri Lanka, being endowed with several forms of renewable energy resources such as hydro, wind, solar, biomass etc. our attention was zeroed in on the Hydroelectric power due to the abundance of aquatic resource that has always been an eye catcher on this Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Hydroelectric Power or more commonly known as Hydropower is a renewable energy method that captures the motion of aquatic resource putting the wheels in motion in generating electricity. This specific renewable energy source stimulated our interest, due to the practical & favourable features inborn to it which are as follows.

  • Our nation is blessed with abundance of rain, that gives birth to rivers and waterfalls, in which its motion pressure can be converted to hydroelectricity, by means of installing turbines at a high pressurized point, or accumulating water by building dams, which channels water to flow through tunnels to the awaiting turbines.
  • Due to the fact that earth's hydrologic cycle naturally reloads the much needed fuel supply, hydropower is a means of a fuel generator, where Mother Nature's "Certification of Approval" has been granted.
  • By practising this particular renewable energy producing technique, there will be no need of fossil fuels required in generating electricity, which undoubtedly comes with a package of burden needing an additional effort to focus on suppressing the polluting factors, created as a by-product of fossil fuel usage.
  • There will be no room for worry in price fluctuations, transportation issues or other national security issues due to the fact that; "water is a naturally recurring domestic product, which is not influenced by any fluctuations in foreign factors ".
  • The energy source can be stored and controlled when the demand for electricity is at a lower level. Meaning a dam's gates can be opened or closed according to the nature of the situation, allowing no wastage of water, thus letting it continue to be in its natural state by obeying the demands of the natural hydrologic cycle.

Hydro Power

Investor Potential!

We are experts in developing hydro potential capacities and it is that capability that laid the strong foundation in incorporating Hydro Power Browns in year 2000. This incorporated establishment is the sole reason to develop Hydro Potential capacities within the premises of Pussellawa Plantations Limited and Maturata Plantations Limited, which has become their pride due its rewarding success.

They have successfully commissioned two plants at Sanquhar Estate Paradeka and Delta Estate Pupuressa, where the potential of these two plants reach high, in generating 1.6MW each. Thus having this very own example's success story spanning across for the last few years, it has generated new ideas of further development in hydro resources within the Pussellawa Plantations Limited and Maturata Plantations Limited.

Being quick to take action on a plan that scores points in every single phase of development, the company has already marked out potential Mini Hydro sites at Keeragala Estate and Stellenberg Estate of Pussellawa Plantations Limited and Ragala Estate of Maturata Plantations Limited, which have the ability of generating of 5.6MW each. To strengthen this green attitude we have gathered the force of three, 100% subsidiary companies of our very own Hydro Power Browns PLC, assuring that there is no risk involved when merging yourself with a worthy cause.

Our steadfastness cannot be projected on our own, but by being oversubscribed 58 times at the initial offering itself, listing under the main board of Colombo Stock Exchange; that alone speaks volumes regarding our company’s values and the aura we have created among our worthy stakeholders.

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