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Green Tea

Someone somewhere in the world at this very moment is getting lost in the revitalising taste of the finest quality purest green tea ever manufactured at the Melfort Tea Estate. Established in 1918, the Melfort green tea factory gives Sri Lanka the pride of being able to treat tea lovers around the globe with the finest blend of green tea that has won the acclamation of generations due health benefits it provides. It is no rocket science that many brands not only prefer but demand our green tea as it is being processed at our processing plant at Sanquhar estate which is the oldest tea plantation in Sri Lanka, dating back to the 19th century.

The Melfort Green Tea factory has a production capacity which ranges from 420 metric tons to 650 metric tons per annum and is the only Green Tea Processing Plant in the Island that is accredited with HACCP food safety management systems & ISO 22000 Standards. Our secretive yet superior art of processing along with the skilled tasters have given us the position as the market leader in the green tea exporting industry in Sri Lanka. Over the years our estates have produced nothing less than the finest quality green tea that has won not only the hearts but also the mind, body and soul of passionate tea drinkers.

Melfort is the only plant in Sri Lanka which produces green tea by sourcing “estate fresh green leaves” that guarantee freshness and quality at the highest levels.The unique blend which is inherent to Melfort Green Tea is due to the exceptional climatic conditions and the rich fertile soil that is exclusively prevalent to the estate.Our ability to retain the aroma, flavour and the natural goodness of the green tea is due to the stringent fully computerized tea processing mechanism that is deployed at the factory. The grade mix is purely based on the original Chinese green tea formula and processing recipe.

The Melfort Tea Estate produces high quality ‘Ceylon Green Tea’ by also using China Jat tea bushes that are meticulously cared for in the entire process of plucking, handling and processing.

The premium grade tea produced in Melfort is popular among tea connoisseurs around the world and in 2008, was ranked as the “Best Ceylon Green Tea”.

Production capacity – between 420 metric tons to 650 metric tons per annum
Annual Tea Production - 333,803 Kgs
Certification obtained - ISO 22000 & HACCP

The Green tea manufactured at Melfort Green Tea factory could be used to produce

Body care products
Fabric disinfectants

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