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Forestry is the means of men attempting to put a band-aid on the wounds of Mother Nature by managing forests, tree plantations and other related natural resources, which allows a continuation in sustainable allocation of environmental supplies and services, with minimum damages to the surroundings. It is a challenging, and a very sensitive concept that needs great handling when balancing the scale of social acceptance and sustenance of resources, which could be highly affected by wrong handling.

Forestry is a science that requires great deal of proficiency in managing, since it is a deal we are making with Mother Nature, and we are privileged to have earned the expertise of forestry management, backed by unrelenting dedication and research in analyzing various aspects, behavioural pattern of natural elements such as;

Topographical features
Proximity to human habitation
Soil reports and many more.
Distribution of Tree species
Hydrological conditions

As a large supporter of the Green Attitude, FLCH is undertaking Forestry Management eco-friendly approach, which would generate conscious friendly profits that are sustainable. We have selected the topographies of Maturata & Pussellawa to plant the seed for this highly potential mode of investment.

Pussellawa Plantations Ltd. (PPL)

It is a landscape of 1461 Ha allocated only for the forestry project, which houses 24 of our estates. In the soil of PPL are the roots of quality timber namely; Eucalyptus grandis (Grandis) & Eucalyptus microcorys (Micro) residing on high country estates and Swietenia macrophylla (Mahogany) & Tectonia grandis comfortable in the low country estates.These are the chart toppers in the commercially highest valued timber where the market price arrow head is always pointing upwards.

Taking the maximum use of the allocated space in Pussellawa, we have planted Albizia and Grevillea as shade trees on the grounds of PPL. The specified species are not random selections, but well thought and purpose driven choices made by the plantation management due to the growing demand for soft wood timber species.

Broadening and strengthening our foundation for giant potential for investment, we are implementing our second Five Year Forestry Management Plan (FMP) – 2008-2012, which has been prepared on sustainable basis and has been approved by the Conservator General of Forests.

The progress of our planting programme and income generated from the sale of timber during last 5 years is given below.

Year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Planting ( No of plants) 38115 47805 73730 308718 139759
Income (Rs million) 22 17 43 30 28

Maturata Plantations Ltd (MPL)

There are 975 hects. of land under forestry on 11 estates in up country and 08 estates in low country managed by MPL.

After careful study the species have been correctly selected which suites for the Up & Low Country regions as per climatic conditions, and Up country estates are planted with E-Grandis & E. Microcorys, while Low Country Estates are planted with SWITNNIA MACROPHYLLA (Mahogany), TECTONIA GRANDIS (Teak) and E-Grandis have been planted in Akuressa area. All these timber are at high demand, both in construction and Furniture Industries.

Shade trees that were planted includes Albizia & Gravillia, which too has a very good demand as a soft wood timber.

The progress of planting programme and income generated from the sale of timber during the last three years are given below.

Year 2008 2009 2010
Planting (No of plants) 102,036 271,832 279,828
Income(Rs Million) 2.6 17.7 15.3

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