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Commercial Buildings

The busy roads of Borella (Colombo 08) will soon home one of the most spectacular commercial buildings furnished with all amenities required for a business location. Browns Capital PLC is now planning the construction of a state of the art commercial building complex to aid the long awaited need for a superior business premises in Sri Lanka.

The location is apt for any business requirement as the neighbourhood provides for banks, governmental and non-governmental organizations, supermarkets, hospitals, leading international and local schools, places of worship, post office etc. Borella being a commercial hub the availability of 80,000 sqft of rentable space is by all means a treat for the business world as it provides for a comfortable, elegant and healthy location suitable to be used as office space in the form of showrooms, operational office location, storerooms etc.

All major requirements needed for a commercial complex such as ample parking space, accessibility, positive health conditions are all taken care of. The building will be accessible via public and private transportation and planning ensures a wide area to accommodate vehicles that access the building during business hours.

When we promise a business location that is guilt free, we not only mean the spotless architectural and building policies that the construction will adhere to – but we also mean the green conscious ethics that will be reflected in the building process. It will ensure that maximum effort will be taken to reduce the hindrance caused to the environment as the construction project has earned the LEEDS certification which provides third-party verification that the building project is environmentally responsible and is by all means a healthy place to live and work in.

This construction project will definitely be an excellent opportunity to invest in Sri Lanka because of the multitude of promising benefits it assures. Once the construction project is completed, the building will certainly be an asset worthwhile of your valuable investment, not only because of the factors mentioned above, also for the reason that it is owned by Browns Capital PLC, a trustworthy, distinguished company renowned for a variety of flourishing businesses in the commercial industry.

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