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Carbon Trade

With the trend of industrialization dominating every economy around the globe, emission of Green House Gases (GHG) has become a prime issue threatening our environment. The negative impact created in the surrounding atmosphere by GHG emission has motivated in creating an innovative win-win solution namely the “carbon trade”. The carbon credit system not only promotes continuous expansion of the economies, but also helps in adopting a green attitude towards the wellness of all the living beings of this planet earth.

Carbon trade in its simplest terms would be an adaptation of a market-based approach, to be in command of pollution, by providing economic incentives as a motivation in reducing emission of polluting factors.

The trade unit is termed as “Carbon Credit” which is a common term associating with any tradable certificate or permit, signifying the right to emit one tonne of carbon or a carbon dioxide equivalent. Carbon credits and Carbon markets are tools that are used to lessen the growth in concentrations of Green House Gases (GHG).

Investor Potential

FLCH is an organization that is specialized in renewable energy development and forestry programmes, thereby becoming rightful owners of CER credits (Certified Emission Reductions) which is a motivational incentive, given for all emission-reduction projects in developing countries. The CER credits obtained can be traded and sold to all the industrialized economies and sectors, which require some flexibility regarding their carbon utility.

With successful utilization of renewable energy methods applied in all our business ventures FLCH has gained the spot light in the business world. We are now a highly sought after entity that exchanges Carbon Credit or CER credits, giving a breath of new life to every project that goes in line with CDM (Clean Development Mechanism). Not only does this practice motivates and gives new perspectives to emerging eco-friendly projects as CDM, but it has also become the finest revenue generating source to the establishment, which has a mammoth potential for conscience friendly totally reliable means of investments.

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