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Boutique Hotels

The serene, lush greenery of Pussellawa will soon witness the beauty of two of the most elegant and cosy boutique hotels in Sri Lanka. FLCH is planning to be the proud hosts of a comfortable breathing space where warm & luxurious emotions, command over the breath-taking tea estates that spread across the valleys of Pussellawa. Plans are, to gift holiday lovers in and out of Sri Lanka with one-of-a-kind boutique hotels constructed harnessing the bountiful gifts of Mother Nature!

Adhering to the “green-friendly” values of FLCH the architects’ have carved 2 spectacular hideouts that would give all its dwellers not only a holiday that is cosy and sensual but also guilt-free. Architectural plans demonstrate 2 lovely boutique hotels enveloped by greenery, as both constructions are set to carry out causing no harm to the foliage around. At a glance, one will only view the shades of the boutique hotels peeping shyly through the shadows of the foliage resources on the landscape

This novel idea to present Sri Lanka with two boutique hotels that surpass the green touch ever dared by others is bound to attract investors around the world. Contact us to be a part of this promising venture, where you give yourself the joy and pride of partnering with the most innovative, eco-friendly boutique hotels in Sri Lanka.

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